At McGinnis Lochridge, true passion for the law is alive and well. Our attorneys feel honored to serve our clients and genuinely revere the legal tradition. We are committed to being respectful, honest and straightforward in every matter, every day. Our firm has been recognized for unparalleled ethics for more than 85 years. It’s not “old school.” It’s just the right way to do business.

Professionalism is a point of pride around here. We’re not afraid of hard work and we sweat the details. Attorneys come here because they want to be here. Our partners and associates are drawn from the ranks of top law school graduates, as well as experienced lawyers with a proven record of client focus and exemplary service. We strive to follow the example of the remarkable lawyers who’ve walked these halls, they include former Texas legislators, judges, U.S. Congressmen, legal scholars and more. But you won’t find us wearing our credentials on our sleeves, we let our work speak for itself.