With more than 90 years of history, the halls of McGinnis Lochridge echo with the footsteps of giants. Familiar names, including Judge Ben Powell, Texas State Senator Alvin Wirtz, Texas Governor John Connally and U.S. Congressman Joe Kilgore, have served our clients, our state and our nation with steadfast dedication and legal genius. Each day, our partners and associates strive to carry the torch into the next era and beyond.

As a multi-generational firm, we have a continuity that’s unusual in our industry. Many partners have been with McGinnis Lochridge far longer than is commonly seen at other firms. More than 30 of our clients have been with the firm for 20 or more years, and we’re committed to providing them the same personal, exceptional service in decades to come.

Those who spend any time with us notice something truly unique about McGinnis Lochridge: an authentic sense of family. In this era of mega-firms and aloof, business-only relationships, our attorneys and the rest of our team are truly friends with each other and with our clients. This closeness and familiarity means we care deeply about each other’s success. We take our clients’ struggles personally and make their goals our own. We pitch in to help our fellow attorneys, because it’s how we serve our clients better.

We also recognize that our attorneys are people with families and lives outside the office and respect their individual interests and work/life priorities. The personal growth and well-being of our attorneys are of primary importance to our firm. Well-rounded, fulfilled attorneys bring greater perspective and more balanced legal skills to our clients.